Phone Wallet By Zilfer


Limited First Release

Limited First Release

The Zilfer phone wallet is now available! Be one of the first to own the Australian designed “Active-Proof” wallet. The best looking phone wallet on the planet! Perfect for cycling and all outdoor activities, from hiking to sailing, motorcycling to music festivals.

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What makes the wallet unique?

  • Modern design

    An emphasis on design, aesthetics and durability, rather than the typical approach to outdoor fashion that is durable but can often compromise on visual appeal. The Zilfer phone wallet has both.

  • Durable and water-resistant

    Take it in the rain, drop it in the water (but don't take it scuba diving!). Your phone and wallet essentials will stay dry. Including a water-resistant phone pocket to protect it and any other personal items in the wet.

  • Where your two worlds meet

    Bringing together the active outdoors with your everyday life - one wallet for all occasions. Gone is the need to switch between exercise and everyday wallets.


Does the wallet come in different sizes?

The wallet is compatible with standard size iPhones and Androids excluding Plus size. We look forward to releasing a Plus size version of the wallet in the near future.

Are there other colours available?

The wallet is available in black and grey currently, however we're very open to suggestions on what colours, if any, should be introduced!

Is the phone wallet waterproof?

Whilst the wallet is treated with water protection qualities, it is water resistant and not waterproof. If you have your personal items in the zipped pocket and drop them in the water they'll be okay...just don't go swimming with it :).

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